Taking action for a sustainable future

We strive to contribute to a more sustainable future, starting with our impact on the local and global environments. We’ve introduced eco-friendly initiatives and sustainable product options as part of our commitment toward a circular economy.

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Clean & reduced energy

Energy can be a major contributor of carbon emissions depending how it is generated. Stone’s manufacturing facilities source their energy from utilities that offer over 90% clean energy. That said, Stone remains focused on initiatives aimed at reducing energy consumption through investments in state of the art machines, auxiliary technologies and lighting.

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SAVED 3,922,919 kWh

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Saving 71,449 tree seedlings growth for 10 years

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Reduce, reuse & recycle

Stone’s recycling and reuse efforts include a formal recycling program extending across all facilities, providing employee education and convenient bin locations. In our manufacturing facilities, to help eliminate waste and scrap, we reuse plastic webbing which is a by-product when forming our products.

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Operation clean sweep

OCS is a campaign dedicated to helping every plastic resin handling operation achieve zero plastic resin loss (source: opcleansweep.org). Stone is committed to a clean environment and works with OCS by:

  • Committing to making zero pellet loss a priority.
  • Assessing our company’s situation and needs.
  • Making necessary upgrades in facilities and equipment as appropriate.
  • Raising employee awareness and creating accountability.
  • Following up and enforcing procedures – when management cares, employees do too.
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Circular solutions

Carbon Neutral Certified

For customers interested in a carbon neutral solution – we invest in third party managed and audited programs, applying globally recognized standards, that offset greenhouse gas emissions equal to the CO2 generated per pound of product delivered. Our partners verify the process allowing us to brand your products as carbon neutral certified.


Stone is proud to offer a unique closed loop take-back program for customers interested in the ultimate zero waste solution. PETInfinity encourages consumers to dispose of rPET cups and lids in custom recycling bins, these products are then collected and processed back into food grade rPET pellets that are used to create new products of the same quality and purpose, resulting in zero waste and lower carbon footprint. Our customers align their sustainability values with impactful action.


Sustainability permeates everything we do – from our mission, to our corporate strategy, to our offerings, to the initiatives we take part in. Specifically, Stone is actively involved in numerous sustainability initiatives at the federal and provincial levels to promote the use of sustainable packaging in the foodservice industry.

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The CPP is creating a shared action plan to build a circular economy for plastics packaging, tackling plastic pollution with plastic solutions.

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A group representing the members of the foodservice packaging industry dedicated to ensuring food packaging products are recycled or composted instead of littered.

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A group committed to helping shape public policy and initiatives such as aiding the federal government towards their goal of net-zero emissions for all of Canada by 2050.