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A 100% eco-friendly straw that performs just like plastic.

Enjoy the drinks, the convenience, & the hygienic properties of straws, without the messiness of paper straws, without any impact on the environment.

Back To Earth – a revolutionary straw that returns to nature 

Sustainable without compromising performance

While the Back To Earth Straw looks, feels, and acts just like a plastic straw, it’s created with biopolymers made with ingredients that are biodegradable in compost, soil, water, and marine environments, that will be naturally consumed by microorganisms, rather than remaining as microplastics in the environment.

Back To Earth decomposes wherever it is discarded, whether in the compost bin or the garbage. It actually leaves no trace. Microorganisms in nature treat BTE materials as food, and break them down naturally into carbon dioxide and water. BTE materials — Cellulose (wood) and Acetate (from acetic acid, vinegar) — do not remain as microplastics in the environment due to their inherent biodegradability.

We’re excited to be launching this truly innovative product, & to continue offering truly innovative, sustainable, reliable, convenient, & safe foodservice solutions during these times.

Back To Earth vs Paper Straws

What Foodservice Business Owners Are Saying

The customers that have experienced the Back To Earth straw have all raved about it. Having all the attributes of a plastic straw but being backyard compostable and marine-degradable is a huge selling feature.

Being located in Eastern Massachusetts, my business supplies many businesses located near the coast. The fact that these straws are marine-degradable is huge! Up until now, if you wanted a marine-degradable straw, your only option would be the poor-performing paper straws. The Back To Earth straws have the performance of a plastic straw with the marine-degradability of a paper straw without the soggy mess.

Here in New England, many municipalities have banned plastic straws, leaving PLA and paper straws as the only option. The Back To Earth straw is competitively priced against both the PLA and paper straws making the switch over for most customers a no-brainer.”

Michael Melvin, Arrow Paper Corporation

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