Hot Lids

Our hot lids are made from High Impact Polystyrene and Filled Polypropylene.

Product of North America
Composition & Information

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) is the ideal plastic material for lidding hot beverages and foods, available in a variety of gauges, designs and colors. Stone manufactures leak-resistant, crack resistant, flat and dome HIPS lids.

Filled Polypropylene Lids are ideal when extra high temperature resistance is required. Let us know your application and we will design a lid for you. 

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Leak & crack resistant
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Made in North America

Available sizes

ProductDescriptionOuter SCCCase QuantityCase Dimensions (LxWxH)TiHiCube
AL34R4oz White sip-thru dome lid008240240002311000, 10/10013.375 x 10.75 x 8.7512 X 90.73
TK8FB8oz White V/FB hot drink lid108240240062301000, 10/10017 X 7 X 1814 X 51.23
LMD-08H8oz White sip-thru dome lid108240240034751000, 10/10017.25 x 7 x 18.2517 x 51.28
AL316R WHITE12/16/20oz White sip -thru dome lid008240240002621000, 10/10018.875 x 15.125 x 9.8756 x 91.63
LM1620 FB12R/16/20oz White V/FB HD lid108240240040141000, 10/10018.875 x 7.75 x 17.7512 x 51.50
LMD-16H-1312/16/20/24oz White dome lid5V2 4001000, 10/10019 x 7.75 x 18.2512 x 51.56
LMD-16HB12/16/20/24oz Black dome lid5V2 410B1000, 10/10019 x 7.75 x 18.2512 x 51.56