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As leaders in our industry, we are ecologically conscious of our sensitive ecosystem.  We are proud to always abide by our ECO initiative (Energy conservation, Compostability, & Optimization though waste reduction & recycling).

Stone continues to invest in state of the art equipment utilizing the latest servo technology saving 75% less of our energy usage when these machines are in use, thus reducing our reliance on the grid.  We have also taken advantage of our bitterly cold winters where we utilize the cooler air in our colder months to cool our processes and in reversal of that, we use our self-generated heat to partially heat our facility in the cooler months.  This in combination has reduced our refrigerating tonnage by approximately 50%.

In keeping with the latest demands of our industry and the public, we have partnered with one of the largest chemical company to develop a compostable straw that is derived from renewable resources.  This sustainable product is called our Back to EarthTM straw, where it is naturally derived from nature and will go back into its natural state if composted per ASTM D6400.  This material is also certified in the widely accepted European/Australian standard for compostability EN 13432.

Through various and proven six sigma techniques, we have been able to optimize our scrap level to 0.5% or lower (a world class metric).  We are also very much in tuned with our 3R’s. Where applicable, certain packaging offered to our customers are reduced by bulk packaging. We also recycle 99% of our waste plastic in house.


* Stone targets a service level of 99.5% which is industry leading

*A dedicated sales & customer service team, committed to supporting our customer needs


*Our plant facility is audited annual to maintain IFS Pac Secure certification

*IFS Pac Secure is recognized under GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative)

*Stone conducts ongoing GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) with all of our employees


*Stone works closely with our customers to develop the ideal straw specification for the needs of our customers

*Stone operates 24 hours a day which allows us the capability to meet changing customer demands.

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