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Bento Box “Switchables” – Made with post-consumer recycled plastic, Stone’s Switchables & PET inserts can be combined with any of our “E” series hinged containers. Keep your food looking better and staying fresh longer.

  • Post-consumer recycled plastic
  • 100% Recyclable
  • PET products made in North America
  • Lids & bottom of containers can be custom embossed
  • Branding differentiates end user’s containers from competition


ProductDescriptionCase QuantityOuter SCCLength (")Width (")Height (")Cube
EI5-1C1 COMPARTMENT 5oz CLEAR INSERT600, 6/1001082402400723717.18757.1258.50.60
EI3/2-2C2 COMPARTMENT 3oz/2oz CLEAR INSERT600, 6/1001082402400722017.18757.1258.50.60


ProductDescriptionCase QuantityOuter SCCLength (")Width (")Hight (")Cube
HRTE16S-C16 oz Shallow Hinged Container200, 2/1001082402400581321.2512.87515.002.38
HRTE24-C24 oz Clear Hinged Container200, 2/1001082402400545521.2512.87515.002.38
HRTE32-C32 oz Clear Hinged Container200, 2/1001082402400543121.2512.87515.002.38
DHRTE2424 oz CLR Hinged Dome Lid Container200, 2/1001082402400651321.2512.87515.002.38
DHRTE3232 oz CLR Hinged Dome Lid Container200, 2/1001082402400653721.2512.87515.002.38
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