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Clean Energy, Reduced Energy

Energy can be a major contributor of carbon emissions depending how it is generated. Stone Straw’s manufacturing facilities source their energy from utilities that offer over 90% clean energy. That said, we remain focused on initiatives aimed at reducing energy consumption through investments in state of the art machines, auxiliary technologies and lighting. Projects since 2013 have resulted in total energy savings of 3,922,919 kWh, the equivalent to 71,449 tree seedlings growth for 10 years.

Waste Reduction, Reuse & Recycling Programs

Waste reduction is one of Stone’s key performance indicator.  This is tracked on a monthly basis and trended to see if there are practices that can be improved to reduce the use of materials.  Investments in equipment that are capable of tracking and weighting materials more precisely are employed to minimize the use and maximize the efficiency of each material to further reduce consumption.  Raw set up materials are re-used in our process to mitigate the amount of waste being generated.  Stone utilizes the blue bin program in its offices to recycle paperboard products that can go back into making other paper materials. 

Back to EarthTM Straws – Zero Waste

As part of the initiative to be an exemplary corporate citizen, Stone Straw uses industrially certified materials to create its Back to EarthTM straws.  The material used in making these straws are certified compostable to the U.S. / North American standard ASTM D6400 and the European Standard EN 13432.  If diverted properly away from landfill, these straws will contribute to making viable compost for farms and consumers alike, making the first zero waste straw manufactured in Canada.

CarbonZero Certified Offering

For Stone Straw customers interested in a carbon neutral solution. We invest in third party managed and audited programs, applying globally recognized standards, that offset greenhouse gas emissions equal to the CO2 generated per pound of product delivered. Our partner Carbonzero oversees and certifies the process allowing us to brand products as Carbonzero Certified.

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