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Address: Las Vegas, Nevada

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Wrapped straws are key to hygiene & beverage safety. We offer a selection of wrapped straws, allowing you to provide the safest straw options to your customers. 

  • 8″ & 10″ straws.
  • Various colours.
  • Compostable paper or film wrap.


ProductDescriptionCase QuantityOuter SCCLength (")Width (")Height (")Cube
0813008" Milkshake Wrapped6 x 5002006265101076416.8759.12512.001.0693
0816008" Milkshake Wrapped25 x 5001006265101076718.5014.5027.8754.3272
0819008" Super Jumbo Wrapped6 x 3002006265101303116.8759.12512.001.0693
0825008" Super Jumbo Film Wrapped Black1 x 20000006265102683916.8759.12512.001.0693
08270010" Super Jumbo Wrapped 12 x 3001006265102511221.5017.0012.502.6440
08330010" Super Jumbo Wrapped6 x 3002006265102511918.2511.2510.501.2476
0865008" Super Jumbo Red Film Wrapped24 x 3001006265103111322.62512.37525.504.1317
08800010" Milkshake Wrapped12 x 5001006265102643021.5017.0012.502.6440
08820010" Mega Super Jumbo Red Film Wrapped30 x 1001006265103112019.5018.87520.1254.2866
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