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Made from plant-based materials, our Back to EarthTM straw composts within 180 days, leaving no trace. A great, environmentally-friendly option that propels your business into the future of foodservice. The gold standard in environmentally-friendly straws! 

Made in Canada, this plant based straw line is BPI (Biodegradable Plastics Institute) approved, and meets ASTM D6400 standards (American Standard Test method for Compostable Plastics).

The Back to EarthTM straw composts in 180 days in an Industrial Composting environment. 

ProductDescriptionCase QuantityOuter SCCLength (")Width (")Height (")Cube
0800178" Compostable Milkshake Wrapped Straws6 x 4001 006265 103312 416.8759.12512.001.0693
0800278" Compostable Super Jumbo Wrapped Straws6 x 3001 006265 103313 116.8759.1312.001.0693
08003710" Compostable Super Jumbo Wrapped Straws6 x 3001 006265 103314 8 18.2511.2510.501.2476
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